19 May 2016

Lessons for startups with new Instagram logo

A lesson for startups coming up.

Instagram released its new logo recently, to a more flat design in line with current design trends. It maintains the main feature as the camera, then incorporates the rainbow colour chart into said camera, getting rid of the original shades of brown.

Since this logo release, the internet "freaked out", as reported in the New York Times among other publications.

The logo is actually quite funky. Not many designers will argue that it is "not better" than the old logo, considering current design standards.

But the key is that it is "new".

The core Instagram user has been with the product since its startup days, pre-its billion dollar sale to Facebook. Like all inception users of a technology startup's product, they consider the product "theirs". They also consider the logo "theirs".

I think the freak-out is the feeling that Instagram has now out-grown its inception users and is moving on without them. There really isn't any other explanation.

Startups need to take note. If you want to rainbow colour your logo with a flat and funky camera design... do it when you start. Because later may mean you are breaking up with your evangelist users :) 

CLICK HERE to see the Instagram logo announcement by Instagram.


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