23 June 2016

Cold War 2.0?

Internet technology is everywhere I look.

I recently posted a picture of the Argentina team buried in their smartphones after a win in the Copa America.

Now, I am reading that the Russian Culture Minister, Vladimir Medinsky "has accused the US federal government of providing support to the video streaming service Netflix, as part of a nefarious effort to 'get into every television' in the world".

So one of the most successful web startups is being used as being part of a Cold War 2.0 plot by the United States against Russia.

Medinsky told Rambler News: "It turns out that our ideological friends [the US government] are well aware what constitutes the most important of all art forms [cinema, according to Vladimir Lenin], and they understand how to enter everyone's homes by getting into every television with the help of Netflix. And through this television, [they get into] the heads of everyone on Earth. But we [in Russia] don't grasp this."

I love it!


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